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Take that, rewind it back

My thoughts...

So now that I've gotten my B.S. in Biological Sciences (or if you want to be technical- biology) from NC State, I have no idea what I'm going to do. I'm hoping to work on my Master's at State, while holding down a full time job (praying that I can find one). Eventually I want to go to medical school to pursue my dream of becoming a pediatric surgeon.

For the past year I've been blessed to serve as the alpha chapter/national president of my sorority-Sigma Alpha Omega Christian Sorority. I'm really looking forward to serving on the national board for at least the first year (praises for nationals being almost there-as scary as it is!) I hope that the year turns into a few years because I'm really loving the position(s) I'm going to serve in!

Nicknames: Em, Emmy, EmmyLoo, E, Lil E