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I hate my job - Take that, rewind it back

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August 31st, 2009

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02:54 pm - I hate my job
I cannot explain to anyone how much I'm really hating my job. My coworkers are too nosy. My boss likes to stir the pot and then blame everyone else. She speaks when she shouldn't, and doesn't do things she should.

And the best part about it is she is going to create a dept wide policy banning personal phone calls being made or received throughout the day...all because one bitchy employee can't stand the fact my husband calls me and we talk for a whopping two minutes (and thats on a good day).

My Tuesday - Friday, 8am-1:30 job has become a Monday through Friday, 7am until 1:30 job. I never agreed to that.

Dear God...can I get pregnant? I just need a reason to get out of there.

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