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I'm kind of getting tired - Take that, rewind it back

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May 23rd, 2007

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09:34 am - I'm kind of getting tired
of people asking for money left and right. I just gave a big check to my friend who is going on a missions trip to Africa. I gave it in lieu of tithing this past week. I love this girl a TON, as she's on of my best friends. I know the cause, and I support her wholeheartedly.

However, my coworker who is out due to his fiance's dad's death (and sister who is in the hospital) is another story. I gave money two weeks ago for his graduation present. Now they're wanting us to give money to him to help him pay his bills. Um, no. He's only been out of work 3 days now, and will probably only be out of work a week or a week and a half. He's not full time, so he's not being paid to be out of work. My problem comes in with the fact that he's had money to take a cruise recently, where he was out of work (unpaid) for a week. He bought a house. He's trying to buy a old muscle car and restore it, as well as a plasma (amongst many other things). Honestly, if he can afford to do all of that, I don't need to give him money to pay his bills.

I've also gotten a couple of emails asking me to give money to friends and projects they're working on, as well as being bombarded at work with people wanting me to buy things.

ENOUGH. I'm not a money tree.

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